/Rey Martin

Rey Martin (formely known as Dj Rey) had his first club gig at the well known "WE LOVE TRANCE" event in 2012 at the Edelfettwerk in Hamburg/Germany. He quickly developed into one of the resident djs for "WE LOVE TRANCE". Now he was able to share the booth with global players like Sean Tyas, RAM, Dennis Shepherd, Aly&Fila and Kyau&Albert.


Later he decided to do his own events with a couple of Djs like Chris Copper and A.L.X.. They founded the collective "Melodic Network" and called the events "Melodic Network Club Edition", which is also based in Hamburg.


Rey is an allrounder at the decks, so his sound is mostly deep and progressive, but never boring :) He has a feeling for the dancing crowd, Which is probably due to his varied style.


Rey does not like to use the word "boundaries" and even less in connection with the music. Also his motto shows that it likes to try new things: "I've got the willingness and stupidity to try anything. If I think it's even remotely possible, I'll do it. "